The 2014 Year in NES Homebrew – The Grind

The Grind

Developed by Right Nut Games

Mario’s Right Nut is an interesting homebrew developer as he usually releases a game that is extremely chaotic, but is awesome all in the same breath. The Grind is no different and exactly what the namesake states. You must grind your way through stages in order to complete them. Apparently this game does have an end, however I have not seen it as of yet.

The gameplay is tight and very responsive for what it is. The game almost feels like a Bezerk style shooter with small graphics like Centipede. While the game seemingly goes on forever, there is an end once you reach a certain number of kills.

The graphics are simplistic, yet fit the setting and game play perfectly. I really feel that this game would have benefited by either a multi-player mode and/or some kind of competitive score mode. However,  even as it the game stands, it’s a great little escape that is definitely worth checking out.

Check out The Grind in action!

Link to Buy (Limited Run Sold Out)

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