The 2014 Year in NES Homebrew – Star Keeper

Star Keeper

Developed by 87 Arts

Star Keeper seemingly came out of nowhere this year from a Chinese homebrew developer. Originally planned on going up on eBay, this released was only distributed via NintendoAge forums due to eBay international policies. Because of these complications, it is highly unlikely this game will get a general release.


Star Keeper is a game where you’re a Master Higgins looking character with a jet pack. The goal is to collect stars scattered all over the level in order to propel your house to the next stage. With tons of different enemy types and difficulty that increases with each wave, you will have to have you reactions at maximum twitch!

There is apparently an ending to this game, however due to the difficulty of the game, I have not seen it as of now. Even though the game is difficult, I find it extremely fun and strategic in nature. If you can track down a copy of this game, I highly recommend it. Star Keeper has a brand new arcade feel that is something that doesn’t happen too often anymore.

Check out Star Keeper in action!

Link to Buy (Limited Run is Sold Out)


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