VS Gradius – Trials and Tribulations

Back when I was a kid and played the VS Red Tent I always wanted Super Mario’s Bros on it. It has always been a staple game for me and one that I play through at least a few times a year. Naturally, I wanted it when I got my Red Tent last month. Not only was I able to pick up Super Mario Bros but a few others as well, including VS Gradius. Now I’ve always been a shmup fan, just not as good at horizontal as I am at vertical shooters. What I didn’t realize is that VS Gradius lends itself perfectly to the arcade atmosphere and it has now become my daily go to staple for the VS arcade.


Not being extremely familiar with Gradius, I can only assume that VS Gradius is an amped up version of the NES classic. The first major obstacle has been the first level volcano which seems to shoot out a insurmountable amount of rocks. As they always say, practice makes perfect. However, I’m going about it an entirely different way.

In order to master this game I’m doing single death run style training. Basically I’m trudging through until I die a single time. The mentality behind this is that once you die, you lose your power ups, which are necessary to easily progress. So once I die a single time, my journey is over until the next time I play. This has helped me to master the very beginning of the level as well as master the controls. I’ve also begun to get a cooler approach to the game as it seems less frantic now.

Currently, I’m able to get every power up before the volcanos and I’ve been able to survive the barrage! I was then immediately killed as the screen moved, but I now know it is possible. My current power ups that I get are 2 options, missiles then multiple speed ups. I feel the force field isn’t necessary as I memorize the levels.

So far, VS Gradius has been an amazing treat of an arcade game and I hope that this rush continues for a long time coming.

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1 Response to VS Gradius – Trials and Tribulations

  1. thesubcon3 says:

    I am now up to level 3!


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