Messing Around with the Sharp X68000

I follow a ton of YouTube gaming channels and today there was a video from Game Sack on the Sharp X68000. The Sharp X68000 is essentially the ultimate 16-bit (some games look 32 bit!) computer system and has a ton of amazing arcade ports as well as shmups to check out. So where better to play the X68000 than on my custom MAME arcade machine?

So far I’ve only tackled the Akumajo Dracula aka Castlevania Chronicles and Bubble Bobble, but I must say that so far what I’ve experienced has been amazing! In Castlevania, the graphics are outstanding and the sound is ridiculous. Castlevania also offers 3 different options for music with each having a different kind of cool sound to them. The controls so far have been spot on and very precise. Simon’s whip controls like Super Castlevania IV, which is outstanding!

Bubble Bobble is about as close to a perfect arcade port as you can get! The music is perfect as well as the gameplay. I have heard that there is an exclusive extra mode to this version which makes this one worthy of a completion.

Well that is all I have played thus far. What suggestions do you guys have? I know this Wednesday this is going to be a Retro Raiders focus for sure! I know I am at least going to try Aquales, a mech beat ’em up of sorts.

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